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It is no doubt that seafood is one of the most special dishes we could put on our tables. Just the sight of platters of oysters, lobsters, prawns, and crabs is enough to make our mouth water. However, cooking them is no simple job especially if you want to have them steamed.

Steaming seafood is pretty much ideal than boiling them. This helps them to retain their flavor and taste compared to the process of boiling. This is where crab pot and steamer comes in handy.

This kitchenware allows you to steam seafood in big batches while it promises you satisfying retention of flavor even after cooking them. This is a true must-have if you want to enjoy the full taste of your desired dish.

Finding the perfect crab pot and steamer in the market could be totally tricky. With lots of things to consider such as their durability, materials, size, and price, you could end like a man searching for a needle buried under a haystack. But worry no more and let us do the work of trimming that endless list for you!

Listed below are the five most magnificent crab pots and steamers available now in the market. With absolute meticulosity, we picked the five best ones that could offer you the quality, best deal, and all the features you need for steaming your seafood. With that, join us as we review each item and find the best one that would suit your kitchen needs the best.

Top 5 Best Crab Pot And Steamer

#1 Granite Ware Enamel-on-Steel Steamer

What we like about it:

The Granite Ware steamer would surely satisfy you with its stunning finish that would complement any kind of kitchen. Nonetheless, beyond its appearance, it can also give you satisfying performance, thanks to the genius design and construction of this model. The top tier pot separately holds food items allowing an easy transfer from the kitchen to your dining table. With this, there is no need for you to manually remove food items from the pot and drain the remaining water you used. Also, the bottom tier pot can serve as a casserole that you can use for cooking your favorite soup and various sauced meals. 

  • The steamer set is made of carbon steel with porcelain-enamel coating.
  • Has a 19-quart capacity
  • Two-tier steamer set that has a separate pot for boiling water and a pot for food items
  • The bottom tier pot can serve as a casserole that you can use for other kitchen purposes.
  • Two side loop handles on each tier for solid grip and safe, secured transport
  • The dome-shaped lid contains moisture preventing heat and nutrients from escaping.
  • Perfect for electric and gas stovetop
  • Only ideal for hand wash cleaning
  • The top tier pot can only hold a minimal amount of content.
  • Needs proper care to maintain porcelain-enamel coating for a long time

#2 Nevlers Stainless Steel Steamer Pot

What we like about it:

The Nevlers steamer/pot is another kitchenware masterpiece that you should get for your kitchen. It has a very reliable body that can withstand extreme temperatures as high as 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Its thick bottom helps it to tolerate heat even for hours. It also has a separate steamer pot and Bakelite plastic handles that would make it easier for anyone to transport the contents. Its bottom pot, on the other hand, can be used as a saucepot where you can cook a variety of sauce, chowder, and soups.

  • The set includes a 3-quart saucepot, 2-quart steamer insert, and a glass lid with an air vent.
  • Made from 18/10 stainless steel which makes it extremely durable
  • Suitable for any stovetop including induction, furnace, gas furnace, and radiant stovetops
  • The tight-fitting glass lid ensures that nutrients and flavors won’t escape during the steaming process.
  • The pot is oven safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Handles are made from Bakelite material that resists high temperatures.
  • The bottom tier pot can be used as a saucepot.
  • Money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty
  • Clear glass lid cover allows you to see food items while being steamed.
  • The plastic lid is made of glass and could break from accidental falls.
  • The steamer pot can only hold a minimal amount of content.

#3 Gas One Stainless Steel Crab Pot and Steamer

What we like about it:

The Gas One stainless steel crab steamer/pot is multipurpose kitchenware you need at home. Besides being aesthetically appealing, the entire body of the pot is incredibly durable and reliable. The pot provides ample space inside that allows you to steam and cook a variety of foods in big batches. The cover is perfectly designed to fit the pot and to secure the steam inside for fast cooking and flavor retention of foods. You can also use it for other purposes like home-brewing, peanut-boiling, turkey frying, or even for the plain purpose of heating up a huge amount of water.

  • Available in three sizes (8 gallons, 24 quarts, and 40 quarts)
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel that is safe, sleek, durable, and has an excellent heat conduction property
  • Commercial-grade material and comparatively thicker than other competitors
  • Satin-finish stainless steel resists rust and stain formation on the surface.
  • The lid prevents heat from escaping and keeps the temperature even and steady resulting in flavor retention.
  • The perfect elevation of the steamer rack keeps the contents near to the boiling water resulting in a fast cooking process.
  • The handle is made of pure stainless steel as well and conducts heat that could cause burns among users.
  • Sharp lid and pot edges that could cause injuries

#4 King Kooker KK36SR Ridged Stainless Steel Pot

What we like about it:

This King Kooker kitchenware is a heavy-duty steamer and pot that allows you to boil and steam seafood and other foods in big batches. You can also easily collect them after the process through the help of the steaming basket that automatically drains excess liquid when you lift it. It has an impressive thickness as well which makes it suitable for other purposes like deep frying various food items.

  • Thick stainless material bringing users a reliable and sturdy pot
  • The 36-quart stainless steel can hold a huge amount of content and can process food items in big batches.
  • Has a diameter of 13 ¾ inches providing sufficient space for cooking
  • Has a separate basket with a handle that allows easy retrieval of food items
  • Perfect for big outdoor seafood boils and deep-frying multiple food items all at once
  • A bit heavy and big for other users
  • The product could rock back and forth on the stovetop during the first use but would level after the pot expanded.
  • The handles of the pot and the basket conduct heat that can cause burns among users.

#5 Bayou Classic All-Purpose Aluminum Stockpot

What we like about it:

Every detail of the Bayou Classic pot is made to address the purpose of helping you with your kitchen needs. It has the average size of the pot that could fit on any size of countertops and stovetops. Nonetheless, it can hold a considerable amount of food content. The entirety of its body, on the other hand, is made of aluminum that assures you of sturdy kitchenware that can quickly conduct heat. Most of all, it comes with a basket that lets you collect food items in a breeze after steaming them.

  • The aluminum stockpot includes a steamer set and lid.
  • Made of commercial strength aluminum with heavy-duty handles for secured transportation of content
  • Sturdy basket with a wire spring handle allows easy retrieval of food items from the pot after being steamed.
  • The aluminum material allows fast conduction of heat.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy and reliable body
  • The inner ridge holds basket 2.125-inch off the bottom of the pot.
  • The bottom of the pot is not entirely flat.
  • The body of the pot and the basket conduct heat and could cause burns among users.

Crab Pot And Steamer Buyer’s Guide

Ideally, crab pots and steamers should come in huge sizes to be able to cater to a considerable amount of content. However, if you just need to prepare, steam, or boil food contents in small batches, an average-sized pot and steamer would do for you.

Always look for the crab pot and steamer with the ergonomic features that would make your kitchen tasks easier. From the number of tiers to materials to height and handles, always choose the one that offers functionality in each detail.

Crab pots and steamers typically come as single-tier kitchenware. However, there are new models now that can offer them in multiple tiers. These innovative crab pot and steamer models are often offered in multiple tiers (bottom and top pots). Picking such type of kitchenware would allow you to use them for other kitchen purposes.

Always consider the materials that are used for the crab pot and steamer you are going to choose. Remember that their materials would dictate their durability. And with crab pot and steamer typically meant to contain a huge amount of content, they would have a thick body and reliable walls that could withstand high temperature and the weight they would hold.

Don’t always settle for costly items that promise to offer you incredible performance. Find the item that has all the essential features that you need but is offered at the most reasonable price.

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